Jeff Polino

Mr. Polino’s creativity, successful 8 year track record and knowledge of TAB make him the ideal individual to lead TAB franchisees and members into new frontiers through strategic solutions.

Mr. Polino summarizes his innovative approaches in four points: “Primary steps in developing dynamic solutions to business challenges are to take a calculated risk based on information, imagination and initiative, resist following only traditional methods, create an organizational structure to harness creativity and identify opportunities, and align the solution to a platform that will support the sustainability and growth of the business model.”

Mr. Polino specializes in working with business executives, consultants and transitioning executives worldwide to maximize their impact and direct their talents toward building their businesses and attaining their goals and personal visions.

Mr. Polino excels at assessing and launching new markets and developing and implementing innovative strategies to increase client and company profitability. He is a successful domestic and international business coach, professionally trained presenter and skilled sales trainer.


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